It is our belief and focus that all the vehicles competing directly resembles as closely as reasonably possible the "gas class" vehicles of the mid 60's - the so called "Gasser Wars" relived.

Geezer Grumblings

30 June 2015

Here we are, almost to the mid point of summer, and I’m (as usual) way behind.

Mother nature hasn’t been at all cooperative, not only for all of us, but for a bunch of track operators as well. Lightning strikes, wet grounds and facilities, and flat out rain outs have put a large damper on things in general.

Our recent outing at the NHRA’s Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green was no exception. Our on track activities were severely restricted, limiting us to one pass on Thursday, (instead of the scheduled 3) and one on Friday (supposed to have had 2). Spotty showers throughout both days kept pushing things back further and further, finally calling a halt to things by late afternoon, both days. So, the Geezers in their usual “make the best of it” mind set, got an early start with the annual group feed and hospitality hour.
The Addington crew had the grille well stocked with pork chops and smoked chicken, and the other racers all contributed a community dish to share………The Mississippi Bunch and their “road kill” beans and the smoked sausage and kraut were gone in a flash. Macaroni salad, deserts, appetizers, all were gobbled up. AND, topping it all off, the Geezer’s favorite bartender……”Big Al” Chernick of the ACME Racing stable….was on hand to mix up everyone’s favorite adult beverage. GREAT to have him on hand…..lights, music, and his laid back way of being a great person.

So, if Mother Nature is the fickle female she’s always blamed with being, her evil ways have rubbed off on the National Weather Service. Starting Friday afternoon, local broadcasts were “predicting” (guessing?) and warning of high winds, torrential rainfall (2-3 inches locally) and flash flooding. If you’ve ever been to Beech Bend, you know how a 10 minute shower can turn a ditch in our pit area into a raging river. So, us being the astute individuals that we are, decided to move our equipment while it was dry, and reestablish on the pavement. We move, with minimal problems, and all is good. Problem resolved, right? …….THE WEATHER GUESSERS WERE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY. Instead of the second coming of Noah and the animals 2 by 2 into the arc, we had at worst, intermittent showers. Not bad you say, what’s the problem……..the problem was, several of the Geezers opted to leave and not have to brave the elements. Of course, this had an effect on our eliminations run off. Coupled with the breakage of a couple of cars, we were down to 12.

The eliminations were run, and finished without a hitch. Congrats to Gary and Debby Raber for the win, and BIG time kudos to Charlie and Donna Long for the runner up spot. After a frustrating couple of years of breakage and tuning issues, Charlie’s car was flawless, right on the number. Had he not had a “Geezer Moment” (brain fart) and attempted to launch the car in 2nd gear instead of low, it would have been a perfect ending.

MANY thanks to all who were in attendance, dodged the weather, and made it a great event. New members, new cars, old faces, and repeat performances were all well received by both the spectators and the NHRA.

Next up, Humbolt County Raceway in Humbolt Iowa for their first ever nostalgia program on July 11…… permitting.

The following weekend finds us (courtesy of Hagerty Racer Insurance) at Norwalk, OH for the Bader Family Blue Suede Cruise at Summit Raceway Park.)

The Geezers who “broke their toys”…….Addington with a spun bearing, Tod Barker and a lean/seized engine, Greg Burge who ventilated the 6 cylinder block in the ’38, and Leonard Wren chasing injector issues, are all thrashing big time. Obviously, this will keep them all off the streets and out of the saloons………..

Stay tuned.


December 2014

Greetings everyone.

No excuses or explanations are offered for the tardiness in this bit of update to all……I know it’s been 7 months and this whole season has been like that.

Needless to say, after Randy Addington’s horrible towing accident after the NHRA’s Reunion at Bowling Green, the group and the season as a whole became an exercise in patience and regroup. At this point, Randy is still “dealing” with the insurance carrier and the repair facility for the repairs to the toter. Thanks to Lester Bailey, Randy’s body man/painter, the cars are up and running….and to look at them and run your hands over them, you would never know they had been on their side, roofs and quarter panels crushed. It’s too bad Lester hasn’t been able to work his magic on the toter.

If you mix in the fickleness of Mother Nature and the human weather guessers being unable to give any kind of remotely close guess at weather conditions, and track operator/promoter miscommunications, the 2014 season will go down as probably our worst ever.

2015 will see some changes, both in participation as well as membership and cars. Greg Burge is hammering away on a ’56 Thunderbird, new member Dustin Corn is set to show off his ’57 Covette, and Kirk Dupre’ is in the midst of an injected big block Chevy for his Willys.

Hang in there fans and supporters….we will be back, better than ever.

Thanks to Bryant Kolle and Hagerty Insurance for their sponsorship this past season. We are in talks for their continued support and involvement for 2015. If you are shopping for race car insurance coverage (and you should be), it’s well worth your time to contact them for a quote.

Finally, if you’re stumped for a Christmas present for someone on your list, I have a fresh supply of Geezer T shirts, with good selection of sizes. If I hear from you within the next 10 days, you should probably have it before the holiday. $20 includes the shipping to the lower 48 states……Canada a bit higher and no promises on the shipping time. Contact information is here within the site.

Best wishes to all for the holiday season.


May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

The appearances scheduled for Beacon Dragway/Paducah KY on May 17 and August 30 have been cancelled. They could possibly be rescheduled,  but no guarantees.

We will be at the Blue Suede Cruise at Summit Motorsports Park in
Norwalk OH, July 18-20. This will be an open competition thing, so the guys will be in the mix running the cars for fame and fortune. This is a multi day event, beginning on Friday afternoon, July 18.

We’re working on finalizing the details for a visit to the all new
Dragway 42 in W. Salem OH. This one is scheduled for August 29-31. It’s an  inaugural event, with focus on GASSERS of all styles and generations. Looks like there will be a “gasser group shootout, pitting one group against another. C’mon out and cheer us on.

Don’t forget The Nostalgia Event of the year next month at Bowling
Green KY.  The NHRA returns to Beech Bend Park on June 12-14. We will be part of the action, starting Thursday, June 12.