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Trailer Toad LLC‚ Janesville‚ IA has started production of the latest version of the Trailer Toad 3500HD. The 2010.5 Trailer Toad 3500HD. Designed to protect motor homes from frame damage‚ body side wall damage and overloading of suspension components and tires. Overall handling and braking is improved as the coach has no additional weight on it from the trailer so it remains more stable. This is a huge improvement for Class C motor homes and pickups with slide‑in campers and extended hitches.
The patented 2010.5 Trailer Toad 3500HD is unique in that it is a weight‑bearing hitch with its own suspension‚ separate from the tow vehicle and trailer‚ steerable torsion-axle‚ dual stabilizer shocks and carries its own spare tire.

The latest improvements include⁚
1.Change from 5‑lug wheels to a more common 6×5.5 bolt circle wheel. These will match up with more trailers and spare tires will be interchangeable in emergencies. 5 lug hubs can be ordered if you want them.
2.Steering pivot has been upgraded to a 40c larger spindle and 6000 lb hub. Wheel hubs are now 6‑lug (6×5.5” B.C.).
3.Improved finish. Includes dipped aqueous primer and chip‑resistant powder coat. Custom colors are available, contact company for details.

Over 700 Trailer Toads are in use today protecting tow vehicles and improving the owner’s towing experience. No fabrication is required to install the Trailer Toad. Every Trailer Toad is American-made from the finest components and covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more details visit our website.

Contact Information⁚

Trailer Toad LLC
Jok Nicholson – Jok@trailertoad.com
P.O. Box 448
Janesville‚ IA 50647

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