Geezers & Their Rides

Chuck Lipka, Missouri

Chuck and Marcella Lipka
'40 Willys
c.i.d. Olds Blown

An all steel '40 Willys coupe built over a 2 year period in Chuck’s garage
by Chuck & 4 friends, from a basket case dragged out of a Canadian National

This car was the poster child for the 2006 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion held at
Bowling Green, Ky

Chuck along with his wife Marcella are the guiding lights of the Geezer Gassers. They are the
promoters and the ones that somehow mange to keep this bunch in some sort of order. Without their
leadership this group probably wouldn't exist.

Chuck Lipka, Missouri

Owner: Marcella Lipka
Driver: Chuck Lipka

'41 Willys
c.i.d. Olds Blown

An all glass '40 Willys coupe purpose built "Nostalgia Gasser"

Erwin Aderhold '51 Henry J
In Memory of Erwin Aderhold RIP
Erwin Aderhold
Woodstock, GA
’51 Henry J “Fistful of Dollars”

’51 Henry J (steel car). Big block 468 Chevy, with 2 4bbl Holley carbs. Turbo 400 transmission and a Dana 60 geared 4.56.

1937 Chevy

Randy Addington
Dunkirk, IN
1937 Chevy coupe
421 cu. in. chevy engine
400 turbo tranny 4.56 12“ rear end
Has owned car for 3 years‚ bought as street rod, and converted to gasser

1937 Chevy

Randy Addington
Dunkirk, IN
1937 Chevy coupe all steel body
Blown 355 cu in small block Chevy
Coan “glide, and a 9"

1955 Chevy

Randy Addington
Red Key, Indiana
1955 Chevy

406 small block Chevy. 2 750 Holleys on old school tunnel ram intake.
Richmond 4 speed “Rock Crusher”.
Pontiac rear end, 4.56 gears.
Has been a straight axle car for 30 years.
Currently runs in the mid 11’s as a streetable gasser.

No Photo Available

Greg Burge

1940 Willys

Joe Bush

Joe Bush and Cynthia, Cassidi, and Dakota Bush
Laurel, MS

1941 Plymouth Sedan "Bullet" (my late brothers nick-name) with a 454 Chevy Cross Ram
1940 Willys Truck "”Silver Bullet"” with a 454 Chevy Tunnel Ram

I have been racing since 1985. I also have a car collection of Corvettes, Mustangs, and Street Rods. I never quit playing with cars they just got bigger and more expensive.

Bill Caughron

In Memory of Diesel Bill RIP
Bill Caughron
Louisville, KY

'48 Anglia
Powered by 389 SB Injected Chevy
Raced from '62 -'67 rebuilt in 2005
National record holder '64 10.41 ET
Runner up '64 A/G U.S. Nationals

Big Al Chernik, Freeland, MI

Big Al Chernik
Freeland, MI
'41 Willys
Chrysler 392 Hemi
GMC 6-71 Supercharger w/Hilborn Injection
Isky Junior Fuel Cam
727 Torgue Flight Transmission
9" For Rear End 4:30 spool

Al located this stock 4 cylinder Willys in Northern California in 1965. After a 2 year commitment with the army, and a "scenic" tour of Vietnam, work began on the "hot rod". By 1969 the car was on the street with a 327 Corvette motor and a 4 speed. It remained that was until May 1992.

The 90's brought about a renewed interest in hot rodding across the nation. This Willys needed a complete rebuild. The car was totally dismantled. The frame was boxed and reinforced, a new front and rear suspension was put in place, along with a glass tilt front end to make access to the blown Hemi motor easier. Topping off all these mechanical improvements was a fresh coat of candy apple paint. The Willys was modeled after "Big John Mazmanian's" '41 coupe from the 60's.

1957 Corvette Gasser

Dustin Corn
Farmland, Indiana
'57 Corvette
c.i.d. SB Chevy
4 Speed/ 9" 12 bolt rearend

A “barn find” real ’57 stock Corvette transformed into a gasser.
Runs a destroked small block Chevy with 310 cubic inches. A
Muncie 4 speed and a 12 bolt 5.38 geared Chevy rear end completes
the powertrain.

Kirk Dupre 1941 Willys coupe

Kirk Dupre
Dover, New Hampshire

1941 Willys coupe.
Fiberglass body on a hand built chassis.
502 Chevy big block, (2016 season will see Hilborn mechanical fuel injection).
Turbo 400 trans with trans brake. 9″ 4.30 geared rear.

Best with a single carb 10.18 @ 128.00.

This car was a 17 year journey, starting with the purchase of a stalled pro street project, building the chassis,and creating a go fast gasser. As of 2017 it’s mechanically injected, running strong 9’s

No Picture Available

Charlie Long
Akron, Ohio

Charlie’s 48 Ford was destroyed in the 2016 accident @ Bowling Green, and the replacement (Studebaker) is under construction.

Don Moyer '40 Willys

Don Moyer
Mentor, OH
1940 Willys coupe “Rebel Reaper”

“Back yard built” fiberglass body, vintage ‘glass front clip. Running on an original ’37 Willys frame with modifications to provide for it to Safety Certify to 8.50. 401 cu in AMC with iron heads and a single 850 Holley carb. 727 Torqueflite transmission, Olds rear with 4.56 gears. Hand lettered body.

Over 1100 drag strip passes with this combination.

Jerry North

Jerry North
Scottsburg, In
'41 Willys

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” is a steel body sporting original Cal Automotive components. It’s
sporting a blown 496 BBC, a ‘glide and a 9″ on a ladder bar suspension.
Painted and lettered by Jerry’s brother @ North Signs.

Philip Pofahl, Kenosha, WI
In Memory of Firesuit Phil RIP
Philip Pofahl&
Kenosha, WI
'46 Ford
'52 Olds387.5 c.i.d.
'51 Merc rearend narrowed 4:56 (homemade
Turbo 400 Transmission
Paid $75 for car in 1958
Painted in 1962 Glade Green

Best ET: 11.77-111.00 MPH

  • Ford Days Champion Great Lakes Dragway 2003
  • Inducted into Kenosha Hot Rod Associations Hall of Fame July 22, 2002
  • Goodguys Most Nostalgic Race Car Award June l996
  • Raced in l963 C/GS
  • Took 23 years to race again
  • Sponsored by: Dons Auto Parts & Machine Shop
  • OnLine Productions
  • Fel-Pro Gaskets
  • Precise MotorSports
  • Affinity Mortgage
  • Pit Crew: Paul Pofahl
  • Mark Pofahl
  • Linda Zerovec
  • Andrew Pofahl
  • Engine: 1952 Olds Stock 303 C.I.D – Now 387.5 C.I.D
  • C.T Automotive Stroker Kit
  • Bore 4 inch Jahns pistons 13-to-1
  • Total Seal Rings & Gas Ported Pistons
  • Iskenderian Roller Cam ( Homemade Roller Rocker arms 1.5 to 1)
  • 1956 Heads with 1960 Valves
  • Coyes Roller Timing Chain
  • Fuel Pump & Distributor Drive (Homemade)
  • Hilborn Fuel Injection
  • AMC Distributor with MSD 6AL
  • 2 Gallon Moon tank
  • Chassis: '5l Merc Rear end narrowed 2 inches one side
  • 4:56 gears (Homemade Spool)
  • Stainless Steel tube axle
  • l932 Ford Spindles
  • Airheart Calipers
  • '55 Ford truck Steering Box
  • Transmission: Turbo Hydro 400
  • TCI Trans-Brake
  • TCI Torque Converter
  • B+M Pro Ratchet Shifter

Wayne Stine '40 Willys PU

Wayne Stine
Vermontville, MI
’40 Willys Pickup “Haymaker”

“40 Willys pickup, all steel.
355 small block Chevy, blown/carb’d. Turbo 400 trans, 9” rear.

Bill Sworm, Rockford, IL

Bill Sworm
Rockford, IL
'41 Willys Coupe
468 c.i.d Big Block Chevy

At the age of 16 I first saw a Willys straight axle gasser in 1963 at Cordova, Illinois which was Quad CIty Dragway at the time and it was love at first sight. I swore I would some day race such a car but by the time I ran across Willy he and I were long since obsolete (1996) Things didn't go well with he and I for the first couple years* as two tacky survivors of the 60s we had considerable difficulty making our program work. He was unnamed until the day at Byron Dragway when my friend was driving him in a gambler race. It was October* the track was cold and largely unsprayed yet Willy chose to do a 6 foot circus act wheelstand. My friend did an excellent job of driving him out of it without panicking and just chopping the throttle which would have caused much damage.
That's when I decided he thought he was PT Barnum so he became PT Willy with PT Barnum's words to live by "e;There’s a sucker born every minute"e; lettered on the doors with his new name PT Willy.

He never did such a wheelstand before or after that one day.
I finally found the first guys that raced him through lucky internet research done by a friend of mine.. He was originally raced under the name of Busse and Fout as an A/G car with supercharged 392 Chrysler. His racing career began in 1964 when I was just finishing my high school career and was mostly raced in the UDRA circuit. Ron Fout came and visited him after we made the connection and had some slides and photos of him that were priceless. I copied a couple of them to put in my trailer with the photos of him taken during our association. One at Oswego, Ill and one at BEAUTIFUL US 30 DRAGWAY* for those of us from the midwest that recall the SUNDAY ads played endessly on WLS Radio in Chicago. Both tracks that have long since disappeared except in the memories of fossils like Willy
and I.

We have run across 3 of his former owners at various events we raced with Geezer Gassers. Including myself* I can account for 6 owners* but who knows how many more there may have been* if only he could talk.

I have resisted the urge to repaint and restore him* as the tackiness shows his seniority and credentials in drag racing. He and I photograph ok 20 feet away* but close inspection reveals us both to be old and tacky which is why it now says "e;taking names and kicking asses since 1964" on his hood to explain the tackiness.

A brief list of his parts is:

  • 468 BBC Merlin cast iron heads
  • 1150 Dominator
  • Turbo 400 trans by TSI in Chicago
  • Olds/Pontiac rear end 4.11 gears
  • 5 foot ladder bars from the era of Gas Coupe and Sedan
  • Chrome straight axle that I was told was a Don Long axle, but was corrected by Ron Fout who told me he built the axle which looks as good as a Don Long axle

John Swick  Dayton, IN

John Swick
Dayton, Indiana
’37 Chevy coupe “Modocker 2″

355 small block Chevy, Brodix heads, Crane cam. Coan sourced 5500 converter and ‘glide. 9” Ford rear geared 4.88 in Winters nodular carrier.
This the replacement car for “Modocker 1” which was lost in a crash at Muncie Dragway. Updates include additional roll cage supports and gussets, as well as improved suspension and steering.

John Swick  Dayton, IN

John Swick
Dayton, Indiana
1955 Chevy series 150 2dr.

Small block Chevy, Brodix aluminum heads, Bullet 4/7 roller cam. Old school
Hilborn mechanical fuel injection. Griner prepped ‘glide, ATI 5500 converter.
9″ Ford, geared 5.43, using Moser axles.
Best to date 10.13 @ 135.46

No Photo Available

Dan Tackett
Gulfport, Mississippi

1936 Chevy Master coupe
502 Chevy big block. Powerglide trans, and 9″ rear.

The car is scheduled to debut in 2016 at the NHRA Reunion at Bowling Green, KY. It’s an all steel car, being converted from a stock, “barn find.”

Verde Racing '48 Austin

Verde Racing
Columbus, OH
’48 Austin (all steel)
468 big block Chevy with Hilborn mechanical fuel
injection. Powerglide transmission, 9″ geared 4.56.

A true family venture, the car was built by John (dad) and John (driver) in the family shop. They started with an old race car body (no known history) and built their own chassis, suspension, steering, and all the body work. With help from Donna (mom) they’ve been active with the car for several years.

No Image Available

Gary Weathersford
Meridian, MS
’38 Chevy coupe

A project in transition. Last year at Bowling Green, running a big inch 6 cylinder, the car gathered a TON of looks and new fans. In a stroke of bad luck, the 6 cylinder decided to give it up and the block developed a hole in a place it shouldn’t be. Over the winter, a big block was transplanted,along with a revised suspension and converter. Alas, the gremlins didn’t leave with the 6 cylinder…….the revised rear suspension gave it up the first event out for 2016.

Stay tuned, they’ll be back at Bowling Green.

No Photo Available

Ted Wood
Mooreville MS
’41 Willys

Big Block Chevy powered